Prolopuncture By Dr. Alfred Cormier, DOM

An Original All-American Form Of Acupuncture

Mesotherapy, Neural Therapy, Biopuncture

These therapies are all related to each other because they all began in Germany in 1905 as Neural Therapy.  I have been fully trained and certified in each technique, and use the three of these therapies interchangeably.  

To fully explain each therapy would be confusing, so I will keep it simple.

Mesotherapy is a very shallow injection technique where the needle is placed just under the skin and some fluid goes in creating a small bleb or bump.  The subcutaneous area is full of nerve endings and fibroblast cells which are all interconnected.  Meso comes from the mesoderm, which is the layer of a fetus that creates all the connective tissues of a baby.  In adult life, the mesoderm can still be accessed with Mesotherapy.  

The main uses for Mesotherapy are for pain management and beauty.  Dr. Cormier often uses Mesotherapy with Prolopuncture.  Mesotherapy is an incredibly effective treatment for any type of pain and is very easy and relatively painless to receive.  This could be new onset muscle pain, arthritis pain, chronic pain, digestive or nerve pain.  Really, any pain responds well to Mesotherapy.

For beauty, Mesotherapy is an excellent way to rejuvenate the facial skin.  Lines and wrinkles gradually disappear with each treatment.  Bags and dark circles go away, double chins tighten up, and people have a refreshed and rested look.  There is no toxicity to the treatment because only homeopathic and vitamin injectables are used.  This means no side effects or drug interactions.

A study in 2008 found that Botox injected into a mouses' whisker area led to Botox in the brain shortly afterward.  This is because of a phenomenon known as the cutaneo-visceral reflex.  The nerve endings at the skin will conduct an injected substance down to the deeper structures and organs.

With Mesotherapy of natural ingredients, you will be detoxifying the nerve ganglia and organs beneath the skin being treated.

So not only does your face look better, but your brain and sensory organs will be purified as well.

Another great treatment with Mesotherapy is for alopecia.  This means a certain scalp area that has lost hair or has become bald.  The Mesotherapy injections cause new hairs to gradually grow in the area.  If someone is completely bald due to male pattern baldness, this treatment would not help.  However, for hormonal imbalance issues, stress, drug-induced hair loss, or new onset male pattern baldness, this treatment works very well.

Many women lose hair in the very front and center, which is a good case for Mesotherapy.  Some patients are missing small patches of hair in various places, which is also a perfect case for Mesotherapy.

Neural therapy focuses on nerve ganglia located throughout the body, and something called 'interference fields'.  The nerve ganglia are groups of nerve cell bodies with axons spreading the cells' messages to the surrounding area.  The ganglia can be thought of a small brains located all around the head, neck and trunk of the body.  

Interference fields are areas where the nerve conduction is not flowing properly and can affect areas near and far in the body.  A 'Lightening' reaction has been observed when an interference field is treated, meaning that many unrelated symptoms all suddenly disappear once the Interference field is treated.

At the Cormier Health Center, Low Level Laser is used for Neural therapy.  This type of laser is very safe and painless.  The laser light will energize and detoxify the nerve ganglia and also dissipate any interference fields.  

The laser treatment works best chronic infections and allergies, swellings, non-healing wounds, digestive disorders, facial rejuvenation, and any type of pain management.

Biopuncture involves the same fluids that are injected with Mesotherapy, except the Biopuncture injections are deeper.  Sometimes the injection needs to be done within muscle, fascia, ligament, tendon, or within joints.  This is all case specific, depending on where the patient has a problem.

Dr. Cormier often uses Biopuncture when someone needs to be active right away, but has a severe pain.  This is because there is no inflammatory reaction with Biopuncture as there would be with Prolotherapy injections.

Biopuncture involves  dextrose, homeopathic and vitamin injectables, which are very safe and have no side effects or drug interactions.

Biopuncture is mainly used for sports injuries, and any type of acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain.  Neural Prolotherapy in a dextrose injection which heals the nerves involved in chronic pain.  It works great for any injury or pain and has no down time whatsoever.

Mesotherapy, Neural Therapy and Biopuncture are perfect treatments to keep athletes in the game!
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