Prolopuncture By Dr. Alfred Cormier, DOM

An Original All-American Form Of Acupuncture


Prolotherapy is the inspiration for Dr. Cormier's Prolopuncture.  

Dr. George Hackett, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon, invented Prolotherapy in the 1940's.  He wrote a book explaining Prolotherapy in the 1950's and began teaching it at AMA conferences.

Prolotherapy is an injection therapy which allows the body to grow healthy new ligament, tendon and cartilage tissue.  The new tissue is not scar tissue or bone, it is really new ligament, tendon and cartilage.  This means that the injections actually rejuvenate joints.  'Prolo' is short for 'proliferate'.  So it is a pro-life treatment that brings blood and the vital immune cells to areas where this would otherwise be impossible.

Dr. Cormier uses the classic method taught by Dr. Hackett, which involves dextrose.  When the dextrose solution is injected into damaged ligaments, tendons or joints, an immune response follows due to the irritating nature of dextrose.  This is the same immune response that would occur with an injury, except the dextrose is only mildly irritating to the tissue.  In other words, the Prolotherapy injections trick the immune system into thinking that a major injury has occurred.  Healthy new tissue is created through the process.  Just as our body heals the skin when we have a cut or scrape, Prolotherapy heals chronic pain.

Any type of chronic pain should be treated with Prolotherapy.  The main reason is that ligament, tendon and cartilage tissues do not normally become inflamed.  Prolotherapy causes inflammation, then the body takes over and heals any damage there may be.  

It is important for patients to avoid steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications during the Prolotherapy process.  These medications would not allow the body to produce something called prostaglandins.  The prostaglandins are hormonal messengers which are essential to the collagen production and healing of wounds.  These anti-inflammatory medications are also damaging to the kidneys due to the arterial constriction which is caused by blocking prostaglandin production.  So the prostaglandins are essential for wound healing, and the Prolotherapy increases prostaglandins.

Opiate medications are currently an epidemic in America.  Especially in Florida, opiate usage for pain management is out of control.  The sad part is that the patients still have the pain, while being addicted to opiates.  Prolotherapy is the perfect solution to this dilemma.  When a chronic pain is cured, there is no need for opiate pain medications.

Prolotherapy treatments allow our own cells to come and repair damaged tissues.  The process takes about 6 weeks.  One study found that a ligament grew 27% thicker and stronger over a 6 week period.  

Treatments should be done every 4-8 weeks until the pain is completely resolved.  The subjective feeling of pain is the best diagnostic tool.  The physical exam done in the office is the main diagnosis for the treatment.  When a patient feels no more pain and has full strength and mobility of a joint, then the treatment course is finished.  Many patients report a full recovery and life long pain relief.

Most patients require between 1-10 treatments for full pain relief.  The number of treatments depends on the severity and the health of each individual patient.

Before you have surgery, joint replacement, or steroid injections, Prolotherapy treatments should be exhausted.  This means that Prolotherapy should always be the first choice for chronic pain treatment.  Even with severe tears, bone on bone, bulging discs, impingement, severe arthritis, Prolotherapy should always be the first choice.

Let me repeat...

Prolotherapy should always be the first choice for chronic pain treatment!!!

Opiate addiction ruined China during the 19th and early 20th centuries.  America is heading down that same slippery slope.

Dr. Alfred Cormier, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, is a Son of the American Revolution.  He grew up in historic Lebanon, Connecticut where General George Washington had a War Office and spent a winter on the village green with French troops during the Revolutionary War.

Both Prolotherapy and Prolopuncture are All-American therapies.  Show your patriotism by trying Prolopuncture and Prolotherapy for your pain management.  Let's make America strong!  It all starts with Good Health!

God Bless America!
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